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It was few days to Christmas, Anita’s mother had called her to inform her about her grandma’s health status.

I don’t understand what’s going on with your grandma,
Grandma, you say.
Yes, momma replied.

What’s wrong with her, Anita asked getting a little nervous.

She woke up this morning complaining of body pain, we rushed her to the hospital when It seemed as if the pain was unbearable, we are currently at the hospital now, Mother said.

What hospital mom, Anita asked.
Jerkings hospital, her mother replied.
I am on my way momma, she whispered under her breath.

As she drove down the road, she took a turning by the left, she was able to locate the hospital via the description her mother gave her.

When She got to the hospital, she saw grandma lying on the bed, oh grandma she whispered, she moved close to hold grandma.

Grandma held Anita in her arms, oh my cutie, that was what grandma always called her.

How are you doing? Grandma asked.
I am fine grandma, but what’s wrong with you?

What was diagnosed from the series of test carried out?
Her mum cuts in, grandma has cancer.
Cancer! How? When? Why?
That’s what was diagnosed.

Grandma holds Anita, everything will be fine baby, I have faith.
I have always thought you about faith, and its time to put it to use, grandma said.
But grandma, Anita said amidst tears, Shhhhhhhhhh! Grandma replied.
Faith! Baby, that’s what is needed.
Hmm! so what did the doctor suggest, she muttered,
Chemotherapy, her mom replied.
But is grandma not too old for that?

Grandma cuts in, I am not interested in chemotherapy, faith would heal me.
But grandma! Anita muttered.

Anita, God’s word is ever true, there will be a manifestation very soon, Grandma assured her.
Hmm! ok, she muttered in unbelief.

(Grandma decided to go home against the doctor’s wish).

Grandma was always seen praying, reading her bible.
What kind of faith is this said Anita a day she visited her grandma and met her reading the bible.

It is the God kind of faith, baby.

Have you ever imagined the world without doctors and all you have is the word of God to get you healed, what do you think would happen? Grandma asked.

People would read their bible, Anita replied.
Just imagine that we are in such dispensation now, Grandma said.

But grandma, we aren’t, she said.

There is a faith inside of us to heal and the reason why we don’t get healed is because our faith in God has been replaced by faith in doctors.
Anita! Grandma called, have faith, she said as Anita stood up to leave.

It was Christmas eve, Anita decided to pay grandma a visit to check on her and to also confirm if her acclaimed faith has healed her, on getting there, it was as though the matter had gotten worse.

Grandma smiled as usual on seeing Anita,
How are you? She said.
Grandma you are not improving, Anita replied.
Cut it out baby, I am. Faith! Faith! Faith! Heals.
After staying with grandma for a while, Anita left for church.

While in church her heart was with her grandma, this woman loves me more than words of mouth can explain, she muttered, oh No! Not this Christmas lord, not soon.

I do not want grandma to leave, she had always thought me your ways since I was a kid, and she is still holding on to your word irrespective of the fact that she has cancer.

I want a Christmas gift from you and let it be that my grandmomma lives.
She prayed silently, amidst tears.

After the close of church, she decided to check on grandma, but grandmomma was asleep, after staying for a while she bade her mom goodbye and left.

At 4am on the 25th of December, Anita received a call that changed her life.
Hello! Her mom had said, can you rush down to the house?
Momma, what’s wrong, what of grandma? She asked.
Hmmmm! Come home first, her mom hangs up.
Anita became bothered, she started sweating profusely, different thoughts came to mind, is grandma dead?

Was this the gift for Christmas she asked for?
She hurriedly wore her cloth, jumped into her car and drove down to her mum’s house.

She rushed into the apartment and went straight into grandmomma’s room.
What she saw there made her cry, they were tears of Joy, grandma was healed,
Anita, grandma said, faith heals, I am healed.A-Few-Days-To-Christmas

Anita went on her knees, lifting her hands towards the heavens, thanking God for the gift.
Thanks for the Christmas gift Jesus.
The end


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