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Chapter one

Tina had to travel five miles away from what she called home, a week before, she was notified of the sudden bridge in the contract with the construction company, she had cried and wailed when she was told her service would no longer be needed, but what could she have done.

This wasn’t the first time she would be disappointed, few months ago, her fiance told her, he was no longer interested in their relationship, and her momma that should have consoled her had always been a thorn in the flesh.

She had dated Marcus for five years and all seemed to be rosy at first, then he started misbehaving, before she knew what was happening he said they should break up.

The church that should have been there for her were the ones that threw her out blaming her for the misfortune that befell her father, but was it her fault that the man had died while her mom gave birth to her, the priest termed her “accursed“.

The church that should have protected and given her comfort where the ones that threw her out. The church basically crucified me, she said shaking her head.

Marcus was her first love, the very one she willingly gave her heart to, the only one she could talk to about anything, the one she loved just walked away without considering the five years of love they had shared, men are mean, she managed to whisper.

It is very easy to fall in love, but staying in love is the problem, she said,only if I had known that after five years of being committed I would be single again, I wouldn’t have given Marcus the chance.

After trying for a while to know why Marcus had broken up with her, he simply said she was a distraction and that he needed to be focused.

What should I do now? She said, Am I cursed as momma and the priest always say?

The voice whispered “come out from among them, and be ye separate” really!

Torn in between she felt the best thing to do was to leave after all, there was no life for her here, she thought. She called a few persons in the country she knew could get her an apartment in another city, after a few calls she was able to get an apartment, she paid for it then She travelled few weeks later.

(To be continued)


As she stepped out of the house with her luggage, she stared consistently at the house and the surroundings, she shook her head as she prepared to leave, then she took a last glance at the house, I don’t know if I would be back on time, she said.
She drove past the church and something struck within her, it was anger taking hold of her, the church that played a crucial part in demeaning her self esteem. She sighed, I will be alright, she assured herself.

As she traveled on road she saw the beauty of the valleys, the mountains, the trees, she wondered at the aura of God’s beauty, “God must be damn beautiful she said” then she whispered a silent prayer asking God to help her in the new state she was about to relocate to, she heard the still voice saying to her “be still and know that I am God”.
She wondered what life would look like out there, how the new state looked like, how the people there dealt with strangers, oh God how do I cope she said, the voice whispered the words again “be still, and know that I am God” then she continued the rest of the journey in silence

(To be continued).


On getting to the city, she was surprised at what she saw, unlike where she came from where people stare at you when you walk down the street, it was a different thing here, people went about their daily activities not minding what’s going on around them, “that’s odd” she whispered.

She was able to locate the address of her new apartment, she got the keys where the landlord kept them, as she proceeded to open the door, someone whispered from behind.

“Hello Missy” he said, she turned around to look, behold it was a stranger bumping into her this sunny afternoon somewhere in Nigeria.
Hi, she managed to reply
Are you the new tenant? he said
Yes, she replied,
Ma’am, I must say that you are beautiful, he said.

Really, she replied.

The strange voice whispered “what’s beautiful in an accursed person”

She shrugged,

Yes you are, he replied.

You mean you don’t know? you are really beautiful ma’am, he emphasized.

Thanks, she managed to reply

Suddenly she felt like walking away from these stranger, how on earth can someone tell her she is beautiful.

Her momma had never mentioned or told her she was beautiful, the only rhythm she heard was how useless and accursed she was.

These stranger must be blind, she thought.

Well I am your neighbor, see you around, the stranger said and left.

She heaved a sign of relief, took her keys from the bag, slid it into the lock, she pushed the door opened and walked in.

(To be continued)


She managed to clean one of the rooms, packed her luggage inside, she walked into the bathroom and hurriedly took her bathe.

As she laid on the bed (lost in thought) she wondered why there was a bridge in the contract she had worked hard for.

She wondered why of all the state in Nigeria, it was these remote city that could offer her a Job and shelter, oh! No she said, why did everything turn out this way, I thought I had it all planned out.

Then she heard whisperings from a still small voice, and this time the voice said to her “lean not on your own understanding, always remember this, I am the way, the truth and the life”.

Oh really! So this is really your plan for me? The voice whispered “before I formed thee in thy mother’s belly, I knew thee.

Oh! Really! But where were you when momma and the priest ruined me with their words?

The still small voice replied “I am with you always even unto the end of the world”.

Not willing to engage in another conversation with the voice, she dozed off.
(To be continued)

You really need to read this

The man in the mirror


She woke up in the midnight from a terrible nightmare,

She saw her momma and the priest on a very dark garment pursuing after her, as they pursued they told her to come back home, she ran as fast as her leg could carry her, when it looked as if they outran her and they were about to lay hold on her, she woke up.

Looking around to affirm that she was the only one in the room, she pondered on the dream, her only comfort was that she was far away from home from the prying eyes of her mom and the priest. As she pondered on the dream, she dozed off.

She woke up the the following morning feeling weak, she had a lot of work to do which included filing the gas at the gas station, cleaning the house, setting the rooms in order, I have a long way to go, she said.

The stranger came knocking at her door, who is that? She said
Its your neighbor, he replied.
Oh! No, not again, she manage to whisper.
She stood up to open the door, the stranger strolled in.

How was your night Missy? He asked.
It was fine, Yours?
Awesome, he replied, well I won’t be too busy today, so I thought I could be of help with cleaning your new apartment.
Really? I don’t think I will be needing your help.
OK! But should in case you need me, Call out my name,
What’s your name? Melchizedek, he replied.
Melchizedek! That’s a strange name to give a child.

Oh Missy! It’s my name irrespective of how strange it sounds to you, he said, giving a stern look.

OK! Melchizedek, but I do not think I will be needing your help, thanks. The stranger left.
(To be continued)


As she stepped back inside her new home to continue with her house chores, the voice echoed “Come back home!” she Just went pale immediately, what manner of thing is this, she said.

Talking into an empty space, she shouted “I am not coming back home! I am not coming back home! you people ruined my self esteem, ruined my life, she cried.

Amidst tears she continued with her house chores, the still small voice whispered “come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give thee rest”
Rest? You say, but how.
“I am your way, your truth and your life”.
Hmm! Why are you always speaking to me in parables, she said.

I am not, the voice said.
But I don’t understand your being my way, my truth and my life.
I will teach you, if you permit me, the voice said.
The voice replied “be still and know that I am God”.
One thing Tina realized was that each time she chatted with the still voice, she became less burdened.
She decided to have something to eat, as she approached the kitchen she had carefully cleaned, she headed towards the gas, after several attempts of trying to light the gas failed, she suddenly remembered that she just moved in and that the gas cylinder of course would be empty,
Oh no! She said, how do I get to the gas station now.
I will obviously be needing the help of Melchizedek, what a strange name, she thought, as she stepped out of the house.

She was heading to Melchizedek’s apartment, but luckily for her, she met him at the lawn in front of his apartment.

Hi, she said.

Oooh you are here? I was so engrossed with work that I didnt even see you coming, he said.

Oh! She managed to whisper.

So what can I do for you?

I need to get to the gas station, she said.

Oh! Really? I thought you said you won’t be needing my help, do well to locate the gas station yourself, he said as he continued with his work.

I am sorry, she replied.

Pretending not to hear the sorry, when would you want to go to the gas station? He asked.

Now, she replied.

I am busy right now, he said.

But I said I am sorry, she replied.

What on earth is wrong with this guy, the only reason she is apologizing like these is because she isn’t familiar with the environment yet.

OK! Its alright, I will be with you in a few minute.

She left for her apartment.

(To be continued)

Chapter seven

As they walked down to the gas station, Melchizedek asked Tina if she would be attending church on Sunday.

Church? You say, Tina said feeling irritated.

Of course, Melchizedek replied.

Well if it’s church you are talking about, I do not think I am interested in anything that has to do with church and it’s activities, Tina replied.

Oh! Really but why?

I don’t wanna go to church, the church is the cause of my predicament.

But was it because of the predicament you attended Church in the first place? he said

You wouldn’t understand, she replied..

But I dont see a reason why you stopped attending church, he said as they got to the gas station.

You Can you please mind your business Melchizedek?
Oh yeah, I would.
They got to the gas station, filled the gas and went home in silence.

They both went into their separate apartment, Tina continued with the house chores, she felt her answer was a little bit rude, so she decided she was going to apologize the following day.
Feeling so tired, she sat on the couch and began to think, But what good is the church, that crucified its own body, she thought, I am not going to church she whispered.
I am accursed, the priest said it,
But what good did the insult she received from momma do to her, momma always complained about everything she does, at the time. Even when Marcus broke up with her, momma said she was accursed that’s why he had broken up with her.
Sitting on a couch, she wondered why her life was miserable, but was she truly accursed, while she was six, she was raped by a brother she called uncle.
She had to live with that, she grew up having no siblings, her dad died when she was birthed into the earth, what if dad was alive? Maybe he would have protected her from the nag, bitterness momma and the society gave her.

Marcus that was like a father to her, broke up with her after five years of commitment, what happened to the love they both shared, the promises he had made to her, what happened to their plans for the future, all this had been truncated, definitely she thought, there must be something wrong with me.
(To be continued)

Chapter eight

Melchizedek wondered why Tina refused going to church, what predicament could one be faced with that would make one refuse going to church, he thought as he poured out his soda into the mug he picked from the kitchen.
As he sat on the sofa in his living room, he wondered what the poor girl must have been through that made her detest the body of Christ.
His own story was not different, few years ago, a girl in his church accused him of raping her and the church he felt would help him were the one that betrayed him first, it was just as if the prayed for him to be victimized.
Each time he came to church after the incident, everyone had their attention on him, he heard murmering and whispers of different sought.
Why is it that the church joined hands together in ruining their own, he had wondered all over again.
Jesus the good shepherd leaves the ninetynine to find the Lost one
The church basically don’t care about their fallen soldiers, but the Shepherd does.
Even if he had committed tthe crime, was that the best way to handle it? He had thought.
The attitude of the church towards their fallen soldiers is nothing compared to the response of the father towards the lost one.
The only Joy he had was that the girl came later to apologize for the wrong allegations she had made against him stating that it was the devil’s hand work.
What If she had not confessed, what would have been his lot? Probably, he would have ended up losing interest in church or he would have resorted to staying away do a while till the matter had died.
The church and its fallen soldiers, he mumbled as he drank what was left of his soda.
(To be continued)

Chapter nine

Tina woke up from the usual nightmare she always experienced, but tonight’s was a different and strange one.

Who was that man that saved me from the clamouring hands of my past? She asked talking loudly.

How could he have saved me?

Tina just woke up from the terrible nightmare she had always experienced, but this was entirely different in the sense that she wore a garment that had the title “accursed” boldly imprinted on it and as she was wandering about, several entanglement such as guilt, battered, low self-esteem, hate, anger and fear also followed her everywhere,

Why are these tags following me? How and where did I get clothes with this raiment? she asked in confusion.

Amidst her confused state,the entanglement called fear started to penetrate into her body.

Not knowing what to do, she wailed from the stinging effect of the penetration, she screamed for help.

A giant man dressed in a raiment that doesn’t look like something from the earth suddenly appeared from a distance.

The man walked past her without acknowledging the fact that she needed help.

Please help me was all she could whisper.

The man moved closer to her and told her he could only be of help to her if only she is willing.

But I am willing, she said.

No, you are not, the strange man with a strange raiment replied.

How? She cried from the stinging effect of the entanglement called fear.

You have not given me your heart, you think you can fight your battles by running away from me.

You? How? Before I formed thee I knew thee from thine mother’s belly.

You only acknowledge that there is a God somewhere, but you are not walking in my realities.

Give me your heart, cast your burdens upon me, do not bear your burdens, it will kill you, I have been empowered to bear your burdens.

And as he spoke, she began to experience something she had never felt before, she experienced love, the love that was far better than what Marcus and her had, as she continue to behold the man, the entangling fear tag fell off from her skin.

Why is this happening? She asked overwhelmed.

Perfect love cast out fear, my love for you is so perfect that fear falls off when it sees my love.

But who are you? She asked.

I am the father’s love, he said as he began to walk away.

She woke up panting, but who was that man? She questioned as she laid still on the bed

(To be continued).

Chapter ten

Melchizedek was so occupied with work that he forgot to put a call through to Tina.

He had travelled the week after he had asked Tina if she would be attending church so they had not communicated since then.

Only Tina was left in the compound, he reasoned.

But how will she be faring now with no one in the compound, he thought.

Well, she would be fine, she loves being lonely, the strange voice whispered.

He shrugged, hoping all his well with Tina.

As he took a few steps forward from where he sat, the still voice whispered “do not assume the lady is fine, it won’t cost a thing to put a call through to her” he jerked as if he had heard the voice audibly.

Oh! I am sorry for assuming she is fine, He replied.

he was a little nervous as he picked up his phone to dial her number considering what happened during their last conversation.

She had warned him to mind his business, but won’t he be poking his nose into her business now if he calls her.

“Hear from her first” the voice whispered.

He nodded his head in agreement as he dialled her number.

Luckily for him she picked.

Hello! he said.

Hello! She replied.

Hi! Tina this is Melchizedek, how are you doing? He asked.

Oh! Melchk, how have you been? It’s been a while I saw you, I was kinda worried about your whereabouts, being a newbie here, I didn’t know who to call to get through to you, she replied.
Well, I travelled and I am really sorry for not informing you, he said.
No problem, she replied, but how did you get my number.

Ohhhhh the landlord gave it to me few days before you moved into the apartment.
Ok! She replied.

So how are you? Hope you are not feeling lonely and hope you are doing fine? he asked.
She mumbled as if he had asked her a very terrible question.
Melck, I am sorry for the way I replied you the other day, I am very fine apart from the nightmares I have been experiencing concurrently.
Nightmare! He exclaimed, paused and started to talk again.
What about it, he said.
Well I don’t think I wanna talk to you about it, she replied feeling tensed.
Well! I understand that we just met and from your own point of view you might be finding it strange to open up to a stranger, but always have it in mind, that anytime you feel relieved to talk about it, you can call my line because I won’t be around till next week, he answered.
Ok! She replied feeling relieved.

(To be continued).

Chapter eleven

Melchizedek didn’t know if he should be happy or angry at the response Tina gave him, what’s wrong with that girl, he said adjusting the Hem of his clothes?

Probably she was learning to trust him, it’s no easy job at all, he thought.

At least, she responded properly this time and she even gave him a little hints about what’s going on with her.

Nightmares, but why was she having nightmares?

Oh the poor girl is trying to adjust to the new environment, but how long does it takes one to adjust to a new environment, he chuckled.

That beautiful little lady is all alone in the apartment five miles away from him.

Even if he was at the house, Tina would not still talk to him, she stuck to her apartment all the time, she stepped out only when his help was needed or when she needed to get something.

Hmmm, he shrugged, but why is he showing concern for the lady, after all she was never kind to him.

He was just doing his neighborly duties. After all scripture says “love your neighbor as yourself”, he was doing just that.

(To be continued)


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