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Just a quick reminder to everyone that you didn’t talk to God today.

Just a quick reminder to everyone, no one is better than you, the only difference is in how much you invest in yourself.

Just a quick reminder to rape victims, God understands your pain and he knows how you feel, give your pain to him.

Just a quick reminder to orphans, there is a father in heaven, he is willing to extend his hands of friendship, parenthood to you.

Just a quick reminder to those that have lost hope, while you live, there are still better opportunities to survive.

Just a quick reminder to husbands that you didn’t apologize to your spouse for wronging her and you just pretended as if nothing happened, ignoring the fact that your wife’s emotion is at stake.

Just a quick reminder to the wives that your husband is really hurting because of the wrong you did and you felt there was nothing wrong with it.

Just a quick reminder to our mothers that you got so busy and you forgot to check on your kids, they really want to talk to you about a lot of things, they want both the mother and friend in you.

Just a quick reminder to our fathers that asides from being the head of the house, trying hard to put food on the table, your kids needs your attention, they long to be listened to by you.

Just a quick reminder to the leaders, in your daily drive to lead us, please do not forget to lead us aright.

Just a quick reminder to the ones being lead, its not an easy thing to be a leader, be responsive, committed and diligent to the portions allocated to you.

Just a quick reminder to the children, do not forget the breast you sucked from, the hand that molded and nurtured you, the hand that worked so hard so you can be relevant, do not forget the knees that prayed for you.

To the world, do not forget the creator of the universe, do not forget the hands that formed you into existence.

To the trees, do not forget to bring forth fruit as at when due, so that you won’t be cursed like the fig tree.

To everyone, do not forget the people that took you in, do not forget the heart that loved you when you were rejected by the ones you loved.

Its just a quick reminder.

The end.


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