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What brought about the fall of man and the wild animals

I don’t know if it has ever crossed your mind that the fall brought about the classification of animals as wild and domestic.

It crossed my mind today, my assertion may or may not be true, but I strongly believe that when the animals were initially spoken into creation, they were not spoken so they could have dominion over man, rather they were created so that man would have dominion over them.God gave Dominion over everything that walked the earth to man, but the fall altered everything.

The fall was so bad that the created animals started feasting on man, since dominion over the earth was altered, virtually all that was created for man started to work against man.
Dominion was lost, altered, the animals became the opposite of their original nature.

I don’t think a dog was suppose to bark when it sees a man he has never seen before.

A snake was not suppose to bite man.The-fall-of-manA scorpion was not suppose to sting.

I also feel that when Adam picked from eternity the name to be given to each animals, it was by their original nature he named them.A lion was called a lion because it was bold.

A sheep was called a sheep because it was meek and gentle.

The naming of the animals were picked from the eyes of eternity, it was not by the natural mind the animals was named.

Lets take a look at what Jesus also did when he first met his disciples.He said to peter, Your name is Cephas which is interpreted a stone, that was Jesus giving Cephas the original name he should bear.

Abram was also changed to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah.

The name they bore in the eyes of eternity

The animals became wild after the fall.

As a matter of fact a snake was not suppose to move with its belly, it moved with its belly because it yielded itself to be used by the devil.

When God cursed the man, the serpent and the system which was behind its operation were both cursed.

The snake began moving on its chest.

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