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Is that not Alibaba the great hunter of our time? its been a while I saw him, Arewa said, how come his comeliness and countenance has changed, he said.

Oh! Alibaba you say? may the Creator of the universe give our children wives like Hadassah, Alibaba’s wife, Oyaro said.

Really? Replied Arewa.

You know Alibaba is my very close friend, so I can say a word or two about him, Oyaro said.

Ride on, Arewa replied.

You are a christian, he asked and I am very sure you are familiar with your bible

Arewa replied, of course my friend.

You know the bible says that whosoever finds a wife, finds a good thing, Oyaro said, Arewa nodded.

My dear friend Alibaba found a wife that carried with her a good omen, she is like the woman the bible talked about in proverbs 31

The past six years of Alibaba’s life has been very pleasant,

His kids are known for excellence in their domain, his wife, I would say is priceless, her husband doth safely trust in her, he doesn’t suffer loss.

She comforts and encourages him with soothing words when he is down, from what Alibaba told me, he said his wife wakes up in the midnight to intercede for their home.

She is industrious, she replicates whatever it is she comes in contact with however little, a generous woman she is, her praise is heard in the gates.

Alibaba’s does everything he does with ease because Hadassah has prayed his way through,

(Alibaba walks into the conversation)

Oyaro! Alibaba called, won’t you just stop talking about me for once.

Alibaba! Alibaba! Oyaro here told me a lot about Hadassah, your wife, Arewa said.

All that he has told you is true, my children calls her blessed,

Many daughters have done greatly, but Hadassah excels them all.

(Alibaba leaves his friends)

He got a precious gift for Hadassah on his way home,

My jewel! my jewel! Alibaba called, Hadassah rushed in to welcome her husband, Hadassah I got you a gift, but before you open I really want to appreciate you for being an answer to my prayer, Hadassah thanks for showing me the man in the mirror.

(Hadassah hugs her husband)

Indeed the God of the universe answers prayers.

The end.

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