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Hi everyone out there,

There are a whole lot of wrong things going on in and with the world right now, and there are also a few things I wanna talk to you about, the ones you know about, knew about and never knew at all.

I am a Christian girl and I understand how hard it is to be different in this age, well like Paul the Apostle I have a little advice for every Christian girl out there.

Things I want to tell Christian girls

1. Follow God

Yeah as simple as it implies, it is the most difficult thing we find very hard to do, what I mean by following God is to put him first.

The psalmist structured this point in a way I love, he said “Acknowledge him in all your ways and he shall direct your path”

You can’t acknowledge God in all your ways and miss it in life, it isn’t possible.

Putting God first in all that you do isn’t a weakness but a strength.

His ways are not your ways at all like they don’t look alike if you know what God’s thought towards you is, I tell you, you will know that your thought is vague and minute compared to his plans for you.

God does not deserve a second place at all, he deserves to be your most cherished priority and the funniest part is that ‘it’s for your own good’.

Life is hard, difficult, and tough, you need God’s direction and guidance to see you through.

2. The Word of God is real

Yeah, most of us assume to know this, but it’s all stored in our brain, we are not working in the reality.

One thing I want you to know about God’s word is this, it has life in it, it is sharper than any two-edged sword, it has the ability to remold you and restructure your life.

His word wasn’t stored up in the holy books for storing sake, they are spirit and life, it has the ability to bring any dead thing back to life, it has the ability to heal you of any esteem issues, in it is the path everlasting, it has the ability to guard you into all truth, the word of God has a life that dispenses light, and that light illuminates whatever it is that looks like darkness, be it pain, worthlessness, whatever it is, it has the power to restructure anything

3. Don’t follow the Good guy

You have a Lord and that is Jesus, and because Jesus is not only your savior, he is also your Lord, you can’t marry a ‘good’ guy you have not told your Lord about.

Not telling your Lord about another Lord you want to spend the rest of your life with is like losing your breath or life.

God is interested in every detail of your life, you might think this is old school, but I assure you it is not, just the way our Parent are concerned about every detail, God is more concerned.

That a man is ‘good‘ in your own definition of Good, does not mean he is Good in God’s definition of ‘Good’.

Take your time to talk to God about it. He is very interested in every detail of your life.

4. Dress well

You dress the way you want to be addressed, that you are a Christian does not mean you should look shabby, dirty, or unkempt.

You mustn’t also be naked for us to understand that you are smart.

There is beauty in simplicity and decency, dress well, smell nice, put on a smile, and stop wearing a long face as if you are the one that bore the sin of the whole world.

Christ already paid for that long face of yours, why not relax and know that ‘God is good’.

5. Be hardworking, vast, and knowledgeable

Yes, you heard that right, the bible says ‘ we should study to show yourself approved’ it also said in proverbs that ‘A diligent man/woman will sit before kings and not mean men’.

A helpmeet does not fold hands and does nothing with their life.

Folding of hands does not meet any needs.

A helpmeet is simply defined as someone that meets the help of someone in need.

Add value to your life, be vast, be hardworking, pursue your dream.

If Deborah in the Bible folded her hands she would not have met the needs of her people.

6. Speak to the Holy spirit about every decision you want to make

Yes, talk to him about every decision and steps you wanna make, until we come to the reality that Jesus is the only way and that he gave us his Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth, we will continue to miss it.

God does not make mistake, you can’t rely on him and be led astray, nay.

7. Guard your heart

Don’t be moved by the lies people tell you, don’t be intimidated about what they say about you, one truth I want you to come into reality with is this ‘people’s opinion about you don’t count, God’s opinion supersedes all the have to say’.

The Creator of the universe created you, don’t be weighed down by what people tell you.

They said you are ugly? But did God say you are?

They said you are too fat? Did God say that?

What people say about you is a distraction from what God’s intent is about you.

8. Your way of asking God to take over is different from his

This is a lesson I learned recently, your way of asking God to take over is entirely different from his, ask him to help you,

Final thought

Only God can help us, we are helpless without him, always have this in mind.

To everyone who reads this, I love you.

Please do not forget to read, like, and share.

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Natalie · May 14, 2020 at 11:57 pm

Great tips to follow the footsteps of God! I was surprised with don’t follow the good guy but when I read the tips I completely agree. Enlightening!

    victoria · May 15, 2020 at 7:40 am

    Thank you

Alyssa · May 15, 2020 at 10:01 am

Thanks for this inspirational post!

Belle · May 15, 2020 at 12:44 pm

Those are good points to remember in this modern world. thank you for sharing such a wonderful article.

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