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Who is God to you? How much of him do you know? How much of God do you want?

At a certain point in time as we journey in life, you will be faced with challenges that it is only the revelation of God you have had afore time that will bring you out of that situation.

The journey through life is an individual thing, if the revelation of God you have is based on only what your pastors told you in church, what your Sunday school teachers preached, what you hear in family devotions, then there is a problem.

Your pastor won’t be there to fight your battles for you, there is a need to have a personal relationship with God, its the knowledge of what you know about God that will speak when you are faced with challenges.

What knowledge of God do you have that irrespective of what happens you can boldly stand and fight for it?

Who is God to you? The reason why most of us can’t access God is because we feel we are so unworthy, but have you forgotten that Jesus is your worth.

We claim to be too busy, but the time we spend in the presence of God adds value to us.

All that we seek in life is embedded in Christ only if we will seek him. Scripture says “seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you”

Have you ever wondered why stephen and all the other disciples were willing to lay down their lives for the gospel, its because there was a revelation of God they had and they could die for that knowledge.

Who is God to you?

What Revelation of God do you have?

It is very dangerous to start looking for answers when challenges come because it is very possible that the challenge will destroy you and not give you the chance to learn what law is needed for you to overcome.

Your confidence in life is based on what you know about God. Fear is a product of ignorance, you never fear anything you have control over. The antidote to fear is knowledge.

God seeks for men, men that are ready to seek his face, men that are willing to pay the price. “Jesus said to his disciples who do men say I am” meaning What knowledge of me do men have? Men had different knowledge of God which was not true.

He faced his disciples and said to them, “who do you say I am”.

God seeks men that will fellowship with him, not men that are working on general believe, but men that will have personal relationship with him.

Remember that knowledge is power. What do you know about God?

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